Rock the Porch

Design a chair inspired by the music that rocks you

Ready to Rock?

Are you ready to rock? With headphones, a boombox, or back and forth in a rocking chair on the front porch?

For the second year, Plum Creek invites artists, groups and individuals from across Central Texas to participate in Rock the Porch - a public art initiative inspired by the music that rocks you. Whether it’s a genre of music, or a particular song, artist or instrument, Plum Creek invites people to “Rock the Porch” by creating sculptural and artistic music-inspired rocking chairs that will beautify the area and spark conversations throughout the community.

1. Apply to be an artist.

2. Rock those creative juices for two months to create a music-inspired rocking chair.

3. Chairs are due at Hootenanny on the Hill (October 11th) where they’ll be revealed to and voted on by the public at a live concert.

4. The winner will select a local charity from a predetermined list and Plum Creek will donate $500 directly to the charity of choice.

5. The 20 chairs will be distributed in pairs to 10 highly-trafficked locations around Plum Creek and Kyle.

About the Artists

Click on an artist to read more.

Chair Locations:

Haupt Community Center

"Classic Rock" - Mark and Anna Boling

New Haven Assisted Living & Memory Care

Plum Creek Dog Park

"Rockin' with H-E-Buddy" - H-E-B plus! Kyle

"Letters Home" - PAWS Shelter

ACC Hays

"Gypsy Jazz" - Christina Fajardo

"The Roots of Music Evolution" - Jen Cronin with J&T Art Studio

Hays PAC

"Fast Cars and Hot Guitars" - Keith Kelso

"Rocking Warhorses" - The Warhorses

Golf Course

"Stuck on Rock" The Claes 4 - Sean, Jodie, Marlee and Harper

"A Tribute to Santana" - Anne Pond

Plum Creek Square

"Punk Rocking Chair" - Joseph Ellis

"Heavenly Day" - Julie Albertson

McNaughton Pool

"AMERICANA" - Gary M. van der Wege

"Instrumental to the Porch" - Sara Allen

City Hall

"Reserved for a Hero" - Jana and Gordon Wybo

"Texas Blues" - Karen Abraha


Gregg-Clarke Park

"Childhood Memories of Switzerland" - Veronique Hahn

"Rockin' the Community" - Cristina White-Jones

Lake Kyle

"The Zazen Chair" - Dawn Conley

"The Supernatural Rocker" - Jen Netherton


Activity related to Rock the Porch will continue throughout the summer and early fall. Throughout, we’ll be sharing photos and updates from the artists here and via social media to chronicle the Rock the Porch process. Check back for more information and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, too.

If you’d like more information or have questions about Rock the Porch, please contact Kelsey Kemper at lookthinkmake or give us a ring at 512.402.6861. We’d love to hear from you.